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Monty Roberts ( Equitana in Essen , March 2003)

Monty Roberts (born May 14, 1935 in Salinas , California as Marvin Earl Roberts ) is an American author , horse breeder and former rodeo rider , who is known for his special handling of traumatized and difficult horses .


He was born in Salinas in 1935 as the son of a Californian horse trainer. He learned to ride there at the age of three and rode his first competitions at the age of four. He had a difficult relationship with his father; he was often beaten and hated the violent methods his father used to break horses.

Soon after his first engagements as a stunt double for Elizabeth Taylor (in National Velvet , 1943) and others, Roberts dealt with the behavior and "language" of wild horses ( mustangs ), which he called "Equus" (Latin: horse). But it was only after a career as a rodeo rider (1955 to 1969) and horse breeder (from 1966) that Roberts succeeded in implementing the knowledge he had gained with his method of non-violent horse training - a method that found many supporters, but also resolute opponents: many specialists reject the Roberts method precisely because of the psychological pressure it exerts on the horse.

In 1986 he first demonstrated his join-up method as a visiting professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver . As early as 1989, at the invitation of the British Queen, he trained her horses at Windsor Castle and became the Queen's official advisor. In 1996 he published his experiences in the book Who Talks to Horses , which has been translated into 17 languages. It followed with Shy Boy. Conversations with a Mustang (1999), in which Roberts mainly deals with one of his join ups with a wild Mustang in Nevada, The knowledge of horses - and what we humans can learn from them (2001) and Horses of my Life (2004) others Books.

Monty Roberts at work

In Germany Roberts became known through his work with Lomitas from Gestüt Fährhof (near Sottrum ). After winning several races as a two- and three-year-old, Lomitas refused to even move near the start box when he started for the first time in 1991. The horse seemed so panicked that five or seven handlers could barely hold it. His racing career (and with it the financially important work as a breeding stallion) seemed to be over. The Fährhof stud hired Roberts, who dealt intensively with Lomitas and finally got him to re-enter the starting box and continue one of the most successful careers as a racing and breeding horse.

Roberts' method, which was already documented in a BBC broadcast in 1998 ( Monty Roberts: The true horse whisperer ), has now been supplemented by a business management program in cooperation with Foxworthy Consulting, which also uses the method of trust and communication the working world should be transferred from people. Clients include companies such as Walt Disney Corp., Merrill Lynch, AT&T, General Motors, Volkswagen AG and others. After touring Germany in 2002, Roberts received an honorary doctorate from the University of Zurich on April 27, 2002 in Switzerland .

Today he lives with his wife Pat in his "Flag-is-Up-Farms" training center in the Santa Ynez Valley . He travels a lot to demonstrate his concepts in front of a live audience.

Monty Roberts Instructors

Monty Roberts trains instructors, so-called Certified Instructors, who in turn teach Roberts concepts. This also includes the join-up process. There are now more than ten instructors in German-speaking countries.

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