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Two f6 brand cigarettes
Left: “vending machine pack” f6 blue, right: 19 pack “shop pack” f6 menthol fresh
Cigarette box f6, only made for a short time with a GDR tax stamp and a DM price

f6 is the cigarette brand of f6 Cigarettenfabrik Dresden GmbH , which belongs to the Altria Group . Until 1990 it was produced in the GDR by the VEB Dresdner Zigarettenfabriken, which was established in 1959 . A distinctive feature of the f6 cigarettes is the short filter. In terms of taste, these cigarettes also differ quite significantly from cigarettes from other brands.

F6 cigarettes were manufactured in the listed cigarette factory Jasmatzi in Striesen until mid-2019 , since then the manufacturing group Philip Morris has relocated production to the Czech Republic and Poland. At the end of 2012, all cigarettes were withdrawn from the market with the exception of the “f6 Original” brand and replaced by the Chesterfield brand .


Through the experience with the cigarette brand Cabinet , which was bought by the Reemtsma Group, marketing geared towards West German consumer needs and then fell from a former 30% market share to 12% in East Germany , the marketing for f6 emphasized the East German origins through the familiar packaging design and corresponding advertising slogans . The cigarette brand f6 held approx. 18% market share in the East German cigarette market and 3.5% market share in Germany (8th place). The manufacturer's pricing policy also played a role here - the price for these cigarettes was below the market average. The brand was the first East German product to receive the Golden Effie , the most important award in the advertising industry for brand management and overall communication. With the f6 Music Award initiated by f6 , a music promotion award , the brand wanted to deepen its East German image from 1997 onwards. Musicians from this region were explicitly promoted.

At the beginning of June 2019, cigarette production was relocated from Dresden to the Czech Republic and Poland. F6 is no longer made in Saxony.


  • f6 (nicotine: 0.8 mg | condensate / tar: 10 mg | carbon monoxide: 9 mg)
  • f6 silver (nicotine: 0.3 mg | condensate / tar: 3 mg | carbon monoxide: 4 mg; is no longer manufactured)
  • f6 blue (nicotine: 0.5 mg | condensate / tar: 6 mg | carbon monoxide: 7 mg) (now Chesterfield Blue)
  • f6 Fine Flavor (formerly light) (nicotine: 0.8 mg | condensate / tar: 7 mg | carbon monoxide: 8 mg; now Chesterfield Blue)
  • f6 International Blend (nicotine: 0.8 mg | condensate / tar: 10 mg | carbon monoxide 10 mg; no longer manufactured)
  • f6 full flavor (formerly red or sun) (nicotine: 0.8 mg | condensate / tar: 10 mg | carbon monoxide: 10 mg; now Chesterfield Red)
  • f6 menthol (nicotine: 1.0 mg | condensate / tar: 12 mg / carbon monoxide: 9 mg; is no longer manufactured)
  • f6 menthol fresh (nicotine: 0.5 mg | condensate / tar: 6 mg | carbon monoxide: 7 mg; now Chesterfield menthol)
  • f6 Stix Fine Flavor
  • f6 cigarette tobacco (can 120 g)
  • f6 cigarette tobacco (sachet 30 g)
  • f6 cigarillos
  • f6 Tobacco Block (for Tobacco Block System 2.0)


  • The name f6 stands for filter cigarettes from the 1960s . The assertion that the name derive from the former production buildings Yenidze nearby highway 6 East Germany, shortly F6, from, is not correct.
  • In allusion to the tobacco , which was sometimes roughly cut and interspersed with stalk parts, there was a saying in the GDR vernacular: “What is the difference between f6 and water? - Water has no bars. "


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