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In addition to suitability and qualifications, professional performance is part of the selection of the best in the public service in Germany . The basis is Article 33, Paragraph 2 of the Basic Law (GG), according to which every German has equal access to every public office according to his or her suitability, qualifications and professional performance .


The professional performance is to be assessed in particular according to the work results, the practical working method, the work behavior and for civil servants who are already superiors , according to the management behavior. ( Section 2, Paragraph 3, Section 49, Paragraph 2, Clause 1 of the Federal Careers Ordinance (FSVO)) Professional performance is understood to be application-related, proven in practice and expected skills in the future and must therefore be assessed on the basis of practical activity. It is a value judgment about the extent to which the requirements of one or more posts have been met by work results.

All career-related decisions are to be made according to suitability, ability and professional performance. This principle is called the performance principle. ( § 3 BLV) In addition to suitability and qualifications, professional performance is a selection criterion for filling civil servant positions. ( Section 9 of the Federal Civil Service Act (BBG)) Civil servants can be promoted if they have been selected on the basis of suitability, qualifications and professional performance. ( Section 32 No. 1 FSVO)

In addition to suitability and qualifications, professional performance is a criterion according to which civil servants are to be regularly assessed . ( Section 21 BBG, Section 33 Paragraph 1 Clause 1 FSVO) The assessment must take place every three years at the latest, or if the official or personal circumstances require it. ( Section 48 (1) of the FSVO) In the official assessment, the professional performance of the civil servant must be presented in a comprehensible manner and suitability and aptitude assessed. ( Section 49 (1) FSVO) As far as target agreements are made, the degree of target achievement should be included in the overall evaluation of the official assessment. ( Section 49, Paragraph 2, Clause 2 of the FSVO) Aptitude diagnostic instruments can be used to check the fulfillment of requirements for which the official assessments do not provide any information. ( Section 33 (1) sentence 3 FSVO)

The evaluation of the professional performance in an official assessment by the superior can only be checked to a limited extent in court. The employer has a margin of appreciation . The filling of promotion positions, which is mainly based on the assessment of professional performance, is often the subject of complaints from competitors .

Civil servants on probation have fully proven themselves during the civil service probationary period if they can meet the changing requirements of their career according to their suitability, qualifications and professional performance . ( Section 28 (2) FSVO)

When assessing the (professional) performance of severely disabled people, a possible limitation of the ability to work and employability due to the disability must be taken into account. ( Section 5 (3) FSVO)


For soldiers in the Bundeswehr , (professional) performance is an appointment and employment criterion alongside suitability and qualifications . ( Section 3 (1) Soldiers Act (SG))

Soldiers are to be assessed at regular intervals and when the business or personal circumstances require it, according to their suitability, ability and performance. ( Section 2, Paragraph 1, Clause 1 of the Soldiers Careers Ordinance (SLV)) In the assessments, the performance of the soldiers is to be presented in a comprehensible manner and suitability and aptitude for future assignments must be assessed. ( Section 2 (2) SLV)

The soldier receives at the end of his service in principle by his next disciplinary superior a service certificate that the nature and duration of the major clothed him from service , through its leadership, are its activities and performance in the service information. ( Section 32 (1) sentence 2 SG) He can apply for a provisional certificate of service an appropriate time before the end of military service. ( Section 32 (2) SG) The service certificate is intended to facilitate the soldier's transition to civilian professional life. It is to be written in such a way that it can be understood and evaluated in the civil sector.

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