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Unpaved road in Schleswig-Holstein

A driveway or cart path is a single-lane , mostly rural traffic route or goods route with a width of 2 to 3 meters. As a rule, it is not paved (see also ravine ) or is only slightly graveled .

Often there is a slightly raised strip of grass between the two ruts , but the middle can also be deepened in loamy soil. For any oncoming traffic, there are evasions at a distance of a few 100 m or in curves, and sometimes low railings and curbstones or wheel deflectors in the case of steep bottlenecks in the mountains or in front of bridges .

In agricultural areas, the routes often coincide with the boundary line together of municipal boundaries; in the course of amelioration they have often been relocated and straightened in the last few decades. The routes are usually shown on maps with a dash-dotted signature .