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Fengxiang ( Chinese  凤翔县 , Pinyin Fèngxiáng Xiàn ) is a district in the prefecture-level city of Baoji in the northwestern Chinese province of Shaanxi .

In the district are the site of the Qin capital Yongcheng (秦雍城遗址, Qin Yongcheng yízhǐ ) and the Shuigou-site (水沟遗址, Shuǐgōu yízhǐ ) from the Neolithic period and the period of Warring States , which since 1988 and 2013 on the List of monuments of the People's Republic of China are available.

Administrative structure

At the community level, the district is made up of twelve large communities and five communities.

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Coordinates: 34 ° 34 '  N , 107 ° 25'  E