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File hosting is an online file storage system that allows users to store files on a central data storage device via the Internet or a company network and to access them via a client or a web browser .

If the files can also be shared with other people, this is also called sharehoster n or file sharing . In most cases, file hosts also offer file sharing functionality and the two terms are therefore not clearly delimited from one another. There are commercial providers for private individuals and companies as well as software solutions for the operation of a private server.

For economic, technical or political reasons, the availability of the files can be restricted or even become impossible by switching off the file storage.


Different functions are provided depending on the provider and server software. Mostly these are:

  • Versioning of files so that different versions of a file (with the same name) are saved
  • Restoring old file versions
  • Recycle bin function (i.e. recovery of deleted files)
  • File upload and download via smartphone app on Android devices and iPhone / iPad
  • Synchronization of online and offline data (i.e. between data on the server and the client / s)
  • Online processing of Office documents via web interface directly on the server (e.g. text or table-based files)
  • Automatic e-mail notification for recipients when files have been set for them.
  • Notification when certain files have been automatically deleted. For example, if the sender wants the uploaded files to be automatically deleted by the file exchange service after a certain period of time.
  • Automatic conversion of certain file formats (e.g. an image file was uploaded by the sender as JPG and can be downloaded by the recipient in GIF format).
  • Allocation of access rights to individual directories, directory trees, individual files and file groups. This means that the user is only shown what he has access to.
  • Internal (relative) HTML links to neighboring files.

File hosting provider

Well-known file hosting providers include:


File hosting server software

Command line programs for synchronizing files

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