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The media blog from Dresden
Media blog for Central Germany
languages German
operator STAWOWY publishing house
editorial staff Peter Stawowy
On-line 2010 (currently active)

Flurfunk (spelling: FLURFUNK) is a media blog launched by media journalist Peter Stawowy in 2010 and published by STAWOWY-Verlag. The editorial office is located in Dresden . The focus of the reporting is the media scene in Central Germany .


In 2008 Peter Stawowy started to create a blog about current developments in the scene on the redesigned website of the Dresden Press Club, which quickly found a permanent readership.

In 2010, Stawowy decided to outsource the blog to its own website and to run it on its own from now on. The blog has been called Flurfunk ever since. In the meantime, Stawowy, who initially ran the blog alone, has a number of freelance authors and employees who also deliver articles. Over time, the radio has established itself as a media journalistic portal and is, for example, regularly quoted by other media in the industry, e.g. B. from the picture blog , the industry service turi2 or the waste paper , which now appears on the online presence of the MDR.

STAWOWY-Verlag has been publishing the media magazine FUNKTURM since 2014, originally conceived as a print offshoot of the blog. The FLURFUNK podcast has also been published monthly since August 2017.

Content orientation

The blog revolves around all areas that have to do with media, PR and digital trends. One focus is on media events in Central Germany, i.e. primarily Saxony , Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia . But nationwide topics are also dealt with.

The articles are divided into the four categories of news, correspondence, personal details and background. News are mostly short, topical reports that are of newsworthy value. Corridor scolding are commentary-style articles that denounce industry practices, often with humorous elements. Personnel changes in the media, politics or PR industry are discussed and under Background there are longer, explanatory pieces.

Radio tower magazine

Since 2014 the STAWOWY-Verlag has also published the magazine Funkturm (spelling: FUNKTURM). One issue per year was published from 2014 to 2016, and three issues per year have been produced since 2017. The magazine is distributed via a web shop integrated into the Flurfunk site as well as via selected kiosks and newsagents in central Germany. While the magazine primarily focused on the media scene in Saxony in the beginning, it is now also devoted to nationwide topics. The initial subtitle “Media Magazine for Saxony” was replaced by “Magazine for Media and Politics”.

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