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Peter Turi (born February 8, 1961 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German journalist and publisher .


After graduating from high school, Turi studied politics, history and economics in Heidelberg from 1980 to 1984, albeit without graduating. Then, from 1984 to 1985, he passed the selection test at the German School of Journalism in Munich and took the compact course of the 23rd teaching editorial team.

As part of this training, he completed a two-month internship in the local and regional editorial offices of Mannheimer Morgen , where he met employees of the Heidelberg PBH press office at the time. PBH delivered reports and reports from Heidelberg to the Mannheimer Morgen. Following this example, after completing his journalism training in 1986, Turi and colleagues founded the Mannheim press office, or PBM for short, in Mannheim. From then on he delivered material from Mannheim to regional media such as the Heidelberger Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung , the Kurpfalz-Radio or the Karlsruher Rundschau .

Kress Report

In 1996, Turi and Thomas Wengenroth took over the Kressreport , for which founder Günter Kress was looking for a successor for reasons of age. Turi became a publisher and editor-in-chief, created the personal database of the media workers Kress Köpfe - which later resulted in the independent company Köpf GmbH - and developed formats such as the daily kress newsletter service . Kressreport, an information service previously printed on one side and stapled together without images and color, has been converted into a specialist journal with photos, tables and graphics. In 1998 Turi received the Bert Donnepp ​​Prize for .

At the turn of the millennium, Turi left Kressreport to buy and relaunch the Internet newspaper Net-Business . After three editions, however, the medium was so in the red that Turi had to file for bankruptcy. For the time being he withdrew into private life.

turi2 and other media

In 2006 Turi founded the media service , which was later supplemented by and turi2 edition .

Turi lives and works in Walldorf .


  1. 1998 German Prize for Media Journalism - Bert Donnepp ​​Prize for the invention of "daily kress".
  2. 2016 Bavarian Print Media Prize for the "tury2 Edition"

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