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Media journalism addresses the media and especially the mass media (press, radio, television and internet) related facts, requirements, events, developments, etc. It belongs to the field of specialist journalism (in specialist journals for journalists and media scholars ; as well as on media pages in general print media and in rare broadcasts).

Media journalists who mainly review television and feature films, radio plays or other media events refer to themselves as “culture” or “media critics”. The term media criticism is, however, more comprehensive: media criticism is part of media literacy , is an essential part of the social discourse on the role and influence of the media , influences media policy and serves as a corrective for journalists.

With the advent of weblogs , there was also a new and increasingly attention-grabbing publication option for media criticism and media journalism. Among the German-language weblogs with the topic of "media", the German picture blog and the Austrian blog are the best known. Such thematic weblogs are often also called “ watch blogs ”.

"Media PR" in the sense of public relations is to be separated from media journalism by media companies on their own behalf.


The history of media journalism begins with criticism of the newspapers . These were already published in ancient Rome by politicians , philosophers and readers. Media journalism was established as a specialist department in the newspapers from the 1920s. The new media forms of radio and television opened up a wide range of opportunities for media criticism and greater attention from a broader readership. In addition to criticism, background reporting was added later as a further function of the genre. With the introduction of the private television station in 1982, the specialist department experienced a further boom. The current developments are shaped by the Internet . Blogs and homepages offer opportunities for specialized reporting.

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