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motto Critical about German media
description Watch blog for German press products
Registration No
languages German
owner Mats Schönauer
Originator Mats Schönauer (editor-in-chief since June 2014),

Lukas Heinser (editor-in-chief from January 2010 to June 2014),
Stefan Niggemeier (editor-in-chief until January 2010, publisher)

Published June 2004
status active

Blog (proper spelling Blog ) is a since 2004 by several media journalists operated Watchblog that initially the work of Axel Springer -Publications image whose offshoot Bild am Sonntag and their online presence accompanied critical. In April 2009 the watch blog expanded its subject area under the name Bildblog für alle with the motto A watch blog for German media in the direction of general media criticism also to other publications, from German-language newspapers to television stations andOnline media to news agencies and the Federal Agency for Civic Education .

Bildblog often points out errors in reporting, insufficiently researched articles and surreptitious advertising and also draws attention to violations of the press code. The website was able to double its number of hits from mid-2005 to around 1.2 million monthly visitors within one year , and from 2007 to 2011 was on average over one million monthly visitors.


The Bildblog founders were bothered by the tendency to read the Bild as a "funny bullshit" and decided to document the often criticized way the newspaper reported in a weblog. In the opinion of the operators, Bild, as the German daily newspaper with the highest circulation and most cited, is particularly committed to journalistic diligence.

The journalists Stefan Niggemeier and Christoph Schultheis , who ran the blog at the time, later founded the B-Blog GbR , on the one hand to employ more journalists for Bildblog, and on the other hand to be able to finance the project. In January 2010, Niggemeier handed over the editor-in-chief to Lukas Heinser , who became known for his blog Coffee and TV . The responsibility of the B-Blog GbR also ended with the handover to Heinser at the latest. Heinser, in turn, handed over the editor-in-chief in June 2014 to Mats Schönauer, who is also one of the authors of topfvollgold , a watch blog about the rainbow press .

Since June 2004 the issues of Bild , Bild am Sonntag and have been researched and errors are often discovered on the day of publication. The Bildblog editors compare the newspaper's reports with original sources, talk to those affected and follow up on relevant tips sent in by Bildblog readers.

Old logo that was used until April 2009
Logo picture blog for everyone between April 2009 and 2014

Since April 2009, Bildblog has been taking up an experiment carried out in December 2008 under the title Bildblog für alle , in which the employees also provide information about "the small mishaps and the major disinformation" in other German-speaking media according to their own requirements. As part of this reorientation, Bildblog renewed its logo on April 6, 2009, adopted the motto “A watch blog for German media” and changed the main color of its layout from red, referring to the Bild group, to the general warning color yellow . In August 2009, Bildblog took over the daily column 6 to 9 from Ronnie Grob , who threatened to be discontinued after three years of appearing in the media reading blog.

The contributions to the picture blog were initially published under pseudonyms such as Clarissa, Hobbes, Lupo and spYri. The operator initially left open who is behind which pseudonym. When he left the blog at the end of March 2009, Christoph Schultheis announced that he had written under the pseudonym Clarissa. From April 2009, the contributors will be signing with their names in the Bildblog für alle .

For his ten-year birthday, Mats Schönauer replaced the previous editor-in-chief Lukas Heinser. In addition, the design was changed, which disappeared from the name for everyone and red dominates again.

In 2014 the winter break of the picture blog was extended because too few donations were made. By the beginning of February 2015 enough donations had been collected so that the picture blog could continue working.

From July 2015, column 6 to 9 was written by Natalie Mayroth. In January 2016, Mayroth was replaced by Lorenz Meyer.

On August 23, 2017, Bildblog started an appeal for donations to collect € 2,000 per month by September 30, 2017 in order to be able to pay two employees at least a minimum wage. This was already achieved on August 24, 2017. The Steady platform was used for the campaign .

Interaction with image

For technical reasons, the reports on Bildblog have hardly any impact on the print editions of Bild and Bild am Sonntag . However, some inconsistencies in the image itself revealed on Bildblog have been corrected. Particularly in small reports within the correction column reintroduced in 2006 on page 2 of the newspaper, images criticized by Bildblog were subsequently relativized or withdrawn. Similar corrections were made in Bild am Sonntag . In this context, however , Bild never named the Bildblog as a source.

More often , errors found and published by Bildblog on are corrected by the online editorial team on the same day. Since Bildblog saw itself as an “external final editor” for this reason, the editors sent an invoice for 45 corrections to in April 2006 . did not answer the letter .

The Bildblog call to photograph the Bild editor-in-chief Kai Diekmann led to divided media coverage.

In October 2006 Blog called under the heading "Photographed Kai Diekmann this, click, in the manner of" image - Reader reporter to take pictures from the editor of the newspaper. Bildblog wanted to test the editor-in-chief's resilience for actions that this other celebrity expects, it said. The action met with divided media coverage, as Bildblog was accused of using image methods, among other things .

Nicolaus Fest , a member of the Bild editor-in-chief, described the Bildblog several times as "student fun". The then editor-in-chief Claus Strunz , on the other hand, wrote in Bild am Sonntag on January 7, 2007:

“As you may know, our work has been watched very closely for some time. At, journalists put together a daily analysis of our issues. In doing so, they are very critical of us and our profession. We follow this benevolently because we see ourselves as controllers of the powerful and it is part of our understanding of democracy that the controller is also controlled. "

- Claus Strunz

In 2006, the philosopher Jürgen Habermas spoke in his lecture on The Role of Mass Communication in Western Democracies expressly about the Bildblog as an example of a counter- public on the Internet: "The roots of an egalitarian public are being reactivated by authors and readers."

In February 2008, Axel Springer Verlag tried to ensure that the editors of Bildblog are prohibited from submitting any further information to the German Press Council . Springer-Verlag argued that the Bildblog editorial team, with their “commercially motivated” submissions, was only interested in gaining material for their further reporting. In total, Bildblog had made twelve entries in the past three and a half years. The press council rejected the publisher's proposal in March 2008.

To cover the costs of a legal dispute with Springer in 2010, 1,065 people transferred amounts between 90 cents and 500 euros in the course of an appeal for donations.

Television advertising

On August 23, 2007, a TV commercial was broadcast for the first time for the Bildblog and thus for the first time ever for a German-language blog. The spot with the slogan "Every lie needs a courageous person who counts", alluding to the image campaign “Every truth needs a brave man to speak it”, was featured on MTV , VIVA and Comedy Central .

The media company Brainpool paid for the production of the advertising film . Both the main actors Anke Engelke and Christoph Maria Herbst and the director Tobi Baumann waived a fee .


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