Franz Anton Ernst (violin maker)

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Franz Anton Ernst ( František Antonín Ernst ; born December 3, 1745 in St. Georgenthal , † January 13, 1805 in Gotha ) was a Bohemian violinist , violin maker and composer .

Franz Anton Ernst was a very good violin maker. In 1804 he wrote in an article in the Allgemeine Musikalische Zeitung that after 20 years of attempts he had come to the conviction that nothing could be improved on the instruments of the old masters, especially in terms of form. He wrote this essay in response to various attempts to "improve" the violin. 1800 reported z. E.g. a John J. Hawkins patent for a violin without back and sides. He is said to have even sacrificed a Stradivarius for this experiment . Franz Anton Ernst was the teacher of Johann Nikolaus Artmann in 1785 , after he showed so much skill in the grandfather's business that it was decided to teach him to a well-known master. There he developed into one of the best masters of his time.

Ernst was concertmaster of the court orchestra in Gotha, where he succeeded Georg Benda as concertmaster in 1778 . Only one violin concerto in E flat major is known of his extensive output , which identifies him as a composer of high standing. He also worked as a music writer. He wrote a "textbook for all violin players", the first part of which deals with the construction of the violin.