Peace of Saint Germain (1570)

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The peace of Saint-Germain (1570) brought about the unification between Charles IX after the third Huguenot war (1568 to 1570) . and Admiral Gaspard de Coligny as a representative of the Huguenots . It was signed on August 8, 1570 in the Saint-Germain-en-Laye castle .

Contract terms

The peace treaty contains the following provisions:

  • Complete amnesty is guaranteed to those involved in the Huguenot War.
  • All convictions pronounced against Huguenots since 1559 were overturned.
  • The Huguenots are granted civil and religious equality.
  • Huguenots who were removed from office for the sake of their faith are reinstated in their rights and offices.
  • King Charles IX leaves the four cities of La Rochelle , Montauban , Cognac and La Charité-sur-Loire to the Protestants as “security places” for a period of two years . Even after these two years have passed, Reformed services can still be celebrated in the four cities.
  • The Protestant nobility is allowed to hold Reformed services on their estates, to which the family, subjects and visitors are permitted.
  • Two cities are designated in each governorate where Reformed services can be celebrated.
  • The city of Paris as the seat of the royal court and the respective royal court camps remained Catholic.
  • The king undertakes to pay the Protestant troops' back wages.

The Huguenot leader Ludwig I von Bourbon-Condé had died in the previous war . Henry of Navarre (later King of France as Henry IV ) became the new leader of the Protestant cause. At the time of the peace agreement, Katharina von Medici promised to marry her daughter Margarete von Valois (of Catholic faith) to Heinrich von Navarra (of Protestant faith). But this peace was short-lived. Two years later, this happened massacre of St. Bartholomew and hostilities flared up between the two sides again.


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Cinematic implementation

  • 2003 Treason in the Name of the Queen (Saint-Germain, ou la négociation) - Director: Gérard Corbiau