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The Fries family (von Friesenberg, Frieso, Vrieso) was an Alemannic noble family . The Lords of Fries were a Kyburg ministerial family . The family's ancestral seat is Friesenberg Castle in the Bernese municipality of Wynigen in Switzerland .


The von Fries are first mentioned in a document in 1248. They were feudal people of the Counts of Kyburg. The family castle Friesenberg and the rulership that belonged to it received the family as an allod from the Kyburgers. In 1255 the barons of Friesenberg received castle rights from the city of Bern .

Between 1374 and 1379 the family died out with the death of Nikolaus von Friesenberg.

Name bearer

  • Rudolf and Heinrich von Friesenberg, from 1255 citizens of the city of Bern
  • Junker von Johann Friesenberg, from 1257 in the city council of Bern
  • Nikolaus von Friesenberg, member of the German Order

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