Götzdorf (Stade)

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Götzdorferstraße to the west

Götzdorf is a place south of Bützfleth . It is a district of Stade in the Stade district in Lower Saxony . Götzdorf is characterized by agriculture and is also located in Kehdingen .

In the east the Bützflether industrial area lies behind a dike to the Elbe and in the west the Götzdorfer Moor . In the south the village borders on snow . The village is administered from Bützfleth.

There is a small music school in Götzdorf. There was also a school in the past, and today the building is used as social shelter. There is also a small soccer field, which is privately owned.

The places Götzdorf, Hörne and Schnee can be described as the beginning of Kehdingen.

Coordinates: 53 ° 38 '  N , 9 ° 28'  E