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Gabrijel Bukatko (born January 27, 1913 in Andrijevci , Austria-Hungary , today Croatia ; † October 19, 1981 in Belgrade , Yugoslavia , today Serbia ) was bishop of the Greek Catholic diocese of Križevci .


Gabrijel Bukatko was ordained a priest on April 2, 1939 in the Greek Catholic Diocese of Križevci .

Gabrijel Bukatko was appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Križevci on February 23, 1952, and at the same time was appointed Titular Bishop of Severiana . The solemn inauguration as titular bishop took place through the disposition of the sacrament of consecration on April 27, 1952. The appointment as Bishop of Križevci took place on July 22, 1960. Bishop Gabrijel Bukatko was appointed coadjutor of the Archdiocese of Belgrade (-Semderevo) on March 2, 1961. Also on March 2, 1961, he was appointed titular archbishop of Mocissus . Bubatko successfully held the office of titular bishop until March 24, 1964, at the same time he was appointed Apostolic Administrator of Yugoslavenski Banat, today's diocese of Zrenjanin in Serbia.

On December 23, 1971, he was released from his pastoral work as Apostolic Administrator of Yugoslavensky Banat. Gabrijel Bukatko resigned his episcopal office in the Archdiocese of Belgrade (-Smederevo) on March 4, 1980 for reasons of age. Archbishop Gabrijel Bukatko died on October 19, 1981 in Belgrade at the age of 68.

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