Gaius Aquillius Florus

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Gaius Aquillius Florus was a Roman politician during the First Punic War .

Aquillius arrived as homo novus in 259 BC. Together with Lucius Cornelius Scipio to the consulate . He operated successfully in Sicily , where he prevented the Carthaginian general Hamilcar , who had Drepanon converted into a fortress, from reclaiming the island completely. In the following year he stayed in the theater of war with a prorogated empire and finally celebrated a triumph . Nothing is known about his further life and possible descendants.

Members of the plebeian gens Aquillia emerge only sporadically , whose association cannot be determined due to their different cognomina . In the last third of the 2nd century BC Then several members of the gens appear without cognomen and carry the praenomen Manius . Two Aquilii Flori committed suicide after the Battle of Actium . A praetor from the Augustan era by the name of Lucius Aquilius Florus Turcianus Gallus will be regarded as their descendant . It cannot be ascertained whether these were still in gentilian connection with the consul of 259, but it can be assumed.


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