Lucius Cornelius Scipio (Consul 259 BC)

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Lucius Cornelius Scipio was a politician of the Roman Republic from the eminent gens Cornelia and one of the first of the Scipions , the most famous branch of the family.

In a year that is not exactly known, he was a curular aedile , before he was appointed in 259 BC. BC, during the First Punic War , together with Gaius Aquillius Florus became consul . As commander in chief, he conquered the city of Aléria in Corsica and took almost all of Sardinia except for Olbia, which was valiantly defended by the Carthaginians . After the Roman victory, he was granted a triumphal procession . In the following year 258 BC BC Scipio became censor . He dedicated a temple to the Roman storm goddess Tempestas because his fleet was spared storms during the war.

The oldest poetic ologium of the Scipion graves is preserved on his sarcophagus, although his triumphal procession is not mentioned in it.



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