Gaufredus Malaterra

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Gaufredus Malaterra was an 11th century Norman chronicler. Exact dates of life are not known.

He may have belonged to the Benedictine monks from the Abbey of Saint-Évroult in the Pays d'Ouche who came to Calabria with Robert von Grantmesnil . Stations of his monastic career were the Abbey of Sant'Eufemia (which had been founded from Saint-Évroult), then the Abbey of S. Trinità di Mileto and finally Sant'Agata in Catania in Sicily , where Count Roger I of Sicily , the he knew personally, with the writing of his (Rogers) and his brother Robert Guiskard's biography.

He wrote a chronicle which, along with William of Apulia and Amatus of Montecassino, is one of the three main sources that report on the activities of the Normans and southern Italy and in the Mediterranean, here mainly on those of Count Roger. Gaufred first reports on Robert Guiscard's Byzantine campaign , but then only on Roger's campaigns on the basis of the oral stories he had collected, and is often the only source.

The report ends in 1099 and until then can be understood as the official historiography of the Rogers court of Sicily. It is dedicated to the abbot and first bishop of Catania , Ansgerius.


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