Mountain ridge

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The east ridge of the Nagelfluhkette in the Allgäu Alps . View to the stone mountain (left)
The Biancograt, a firn ridge on Piz Bernina in the Bernina group of the Alps

A mountain ridge or ridge is a sharp ridge in the high mountains . In the low mountain range one speaks more of a mountain ridge . A ridge that is covered by snow all year round is known as a firn ridge . It can be dangerous to climb a firn ridge if it is covered by a cornice and the stable edge is not clearly visible.

Precise is the ridge, as geomorphological object type, a full form in altitudes above all the high mountains with steep on both sides slopes (slopes). It can connect two peaks of a mountain range , which are only separated from each other by notches or mountain saddles , or end as a mountain spur over a valley. Ridges, especially when of interest to mountaineers , are named to define their identity.

When a series of peaks are connected by ridges, it is called a ridge .