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Small goose with blood sauce

As Geflügelklein several smaller pieces of poultry summarized. The designation is often based on the type of animal: chicken , goose , duck , etc. Small poultry includes the low-meat back, wings, head, neck and feet, as well as various innards such as the heart , stomach and liver . In Germany, poultry does not contain heads and feet for reasons of food law .

While it used to be customary to add the poultry to whole animals (usually put in a bag in the abdominal cavity), it is seldom available today. The wings and innards are usually offered individually, the rest are used industrially.

Small poultry is used to boil soups (e.g. chicken soup , small goose soup), sauces and stocks or as a basis for simple dishes.

Poultry dishes can be named after this ingredient, e.g. B. Small goose as a dish.

Regionally, little duck or goose is also called duck or goose young.

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