Heart (food)

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Halved and cleaned turkey hearts
prepared veal heart without heart valves

Heart is one of the most valuable offal . It consists mainly of dark muscle meat , which resembles "normal" muscle meat more than the smooth muscles of other internal organs, and therefore does not taste "like offal". Its strong taste is more reminiscent of game , since the heart, unlike the rest of the muscles, is constantly in motion, even in stable animals. When fried or braised, it is firm and tender at the same time. Heart is rich in vitamins and minerals . The cholesterol level is relatively high.

The finest heart comes from veal and lamb , but poultry hearts are also well suited for ragouts . Pig hearts , on the other hand, are mostly processed into sausage .

In preparation, the hearts should be halved and watered, veins and remnants of blood removed and finally the hard parts (the valve apparatus ) cut out in the upper area.

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