Georg Blohm (Mayor)

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Georg Blohm , also Jürgen Blohm , (born March 1, 1733 in Lübeck ; † November 15, 1798 ibid) was a merchant and mayor of the Hanseatic city of Lübeck.


House Mengstrasse 64 (built around 1544)

Blohm came from a family known to have been in Lübeck since 1619. His father was the brewer and Riga driver Christian Levin Blohm and had made the rise for the family from craftsmen to long-distance traders. His son was introduced to the business by him and sent on long trips abroad to Sweden, Livonia, Courland and Russia. At the age of 27, Georg Blohm married into the Kröger family and, together with the widow, took over the trading business of his late father-in-law. He acquired the house at Mengstrasse 64 as his place of business. Georg Blohm was a merchant of the Bergen Driver Corporation . He was elected to the city council in 1773 and appointed mayor in 1792.

His son of the same name became postmaster (1817) in Lübeck.


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  2. His son of the same name was a respected merchant and patron in Lübeck, the Blohm & Voss founder Hermann Blohm was his grandson.