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Georg Emmerich (born July 13, 1665 in Königsberg (Prussia) , † May 11, 1727 there ) was a German medic.


Emmerich came from a Silesian patrician family that was initially active in Görlitz. His father Georg (1609-May 1672) comes from Friedberg and was active in Königsberg. His mother's name was Barbara Grünberger and was the widow of the church minister in Kneiphof David Stagnetus. Emmerich had attended school in Königsberg's old town and in 1683 began studying medicine at the University of Königsberg . On December 12, 1692 he received his doctorate in medicine from the University of Leiden .

Returned to Königsberg in 1693, he became an associate professor at the medical faculty. In 1710 he was promoted to fourth full professor, in 1711 third professor and in 1713 second full professor. In this capacity he also took part in the organizational tasks of the Königsberg University and was rector of the Alma Mater in the winter semesters 1715/16, 1719/20 and 1723/24 . In addition, as a city councilor in Löben, he was not involved in the municipal tasks of the city. He became mayor of Löbenicht and in 1724 the third mayor of Königsberg's old town.


From his marriage in November 1695 to Dorothea Pöpping, Georg Raakmann's widow, children come. We know of these

  • Anna Regina married November 26, 1715 with the court judge Johann Boltz
  • Barbara Dorothea († 1707, 12th years old)
  • Katharina Sophia (born October 29, 1700; † 1703)


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Writings that appear in the literature, however, cannot be traced.
  • De concionatorum diaeta
  • De inspiratione
  • De febre virginum, amatoria,
  • De frigore correptis,


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  1. different dates of birth and death; * May 5, 1672; † May 10, 1727.