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Christian Gottlieb Jöcher, copper engraving by Christian Fritzsch after Elias Gottlob Haußmann

Christian Gottlieb Jöcher (born July 20, 1694 in Leipzig ; † May 10, 1758 ibid) was a German scholar, librarian and lexicographer .


Christian Gottlieb Jöcher was the son of the businessman Johann Christoph Jöcher and his wife Margaretha, the daughter of the physician Michael Ettmüller . He grew up with his grandfather, the Leipzig city judge Leonard Baudiß, who provided him with two excellent private teachers, Magister Börner and Magister Paul Abraham König, who directed his youthful training. They aroused a certain interest in history, geography and genealogy in him from an early age. In 1708 he continued his education at the grammar school in Gera and two years later at the grammar school in Zittau , which had gained an excellent reputation in Germany through Christian Weise .

In 1712 he began studying medical science at the University of Leipzig . The contact with Gottfried Olearius ensured that he devoted himself more to the philosophical sciences during his training. He frequented the philosophical lectures with Hardt, Gottfried Polycarp Müller, Rüdinger and August Friedrich Müller . A particular fondness for the oriental languages ​​emerged, which he developed further with Heinrich Benedikt Stark (1672–1727) and Johann Georg Abicht . In 1712 he had already obtained the academic degree of a bachelor's degree and in 1714 the academic degree of a master's degree in philosophy.

He then began to give lectures at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, established himself as an assessor at the Faculty of Philosophy from 1715 and also acquired a bachelor's degree in theological sciences in 1716. In 1730 he became a full professor at the philosophical faculty and in 1732 took over the professorship of history at the Leipzig University. After he had obtained his doctorate in theology in 1735, he was entrusted with the supervision of the librarian at the Leipzig University Library from 1742 , where he initiated the complete alphabetical catalog.

His writings are partly philosophical, partly collective works. His best-known work is the Allgemeine Gelehrten-Lexicon (Leipzig 1750/51, 4 volumes). It is a continuation and expansion of the Compendios Scholar Lexicon by Johann Burckhardt Mencke which he published in the 2nd and 3rd edition (1725 and 1733). This work has been expanded by Johann Gottlob Wilhelm Dunkel (1755–60) and Johann Christoph Adelung (1784–87). Where Heinrich Wilhelm Rotermund (Bremen 1810-22, 6 volumes) continued this work. In addition, from 1720 Jöcher was editor of the German Acta Eruditorum . An avid Wolffian , he not only mastered the field of theoretical philosophy, but was also an excellent speaker as a lecturer.


Frontispiece to Jöcher's Compendios Scholar Lexicon
  • Compendioses scholar lexicon: Therein the scholars of all classes, male as well as female, who lived from the beginning of the world to the present and made themselves known to the learned world after their birth, death, writings, life and remarkable stories the most credible scribes based on the draft of Blessed D. Joh. Burckh. Menckens can be described in alphabetical order. In two parts. The third edition published by Christian Gottlieb Jöcher , Leipzig 1733
  • General lexicon of scholars , Therein the scholars of all classes both male and female, who lived from the beginning of the world to the present time, and made themselves known to the learned world, after their birth, life, remarkable stories, deaths and writings from the most credible scribes are described in alphabetical order. Verlag Johann Friedrich Gleditsch , Leipzig, (digital copies of the University and State Library Halle )
  • Jöcher's medical treasure: a selection of tried-and-tested tools and aids against the most common diseases and accidents in human life . - Leipzig: Central-Comptoir, 1800. Volume 1 as a digitized edition of the University and State Library Düsseldorf
  • Diss. Sistens Biantem Prienaeum in numo argento. Leipzig 1714
  • Diss. I et II. De variis veterum Philosophorum studendi modis. Leipzig 1716
  • Progr. De demonstrationibus theologicie. Leipzig 1727
  • Progr. De haeresi Opheorum S. Orpheorum. Leipzig 1730
  • Diss. De insigni veterum Philosophorum servore in investiganda verirate. Leipzig 1730
  • Philosophia haeresium obex. Leipzig 1732
  • Progr. De cura philosophi circa historias. Leipzig 1732
  • De insigni studii historici nostra aetate. . . seu excellentia, Académica. . . , cum ad munus historias publice docendi accederet, recitata etc. Leipzig 1732
  • Mourning speeches, which in various cases were public. held etc. Leipzig 1733
  • Diss. I. II. III exhibentes examen paralogismorum de miraculis Christ. Thomae Woolstoni. Leipzig 1730–1734 Printed together under the title: Thomae Woolstoni Paralogismorum de Christi miraculis examen. Leipzig 1734
  • Progr. In quo praelectionum suarum historicarum in universum rationem reddit. Leipzig 1735
  • Diss. De discrimine et unione memoriae seusualis et intellectualis. Leipzig 1737
  • Progr. De adoptione per arma. Leipzig 1737
  • Progr. De bonis hominibus. Leipzig 1737
  • Diss. De Marci Antonii, Triumviri, Timonio. Leipzig 1737
  • Progr. De Academia Pumbeditana. Leipzig 1737
  • Progr. De feudis Langharum. Leipzig 1737 and in Jenichii Thesauro T. III.
  • Progr. De Philosophis Elpisticis apud Plutarchum. Leipzig 1739
  • Progr. De Lusatiae nexu clientelari cum Archipraesulatu Parthenopolitano. Leipzig 1741
  • Progr. De religione quadrata, s. quadruplice vitae monasticae specie. Leipzig 1741
  • Progr. De Pythagorae methodo philosophiam docendi. Leipzig 1741
  • Progr. De Hadriani Imp. Libris Catacrianis. Leipzig 1741
  • Diss. De suspecta Livii fide. Auct. et Resp. Jo. Henr. Parreidt. Leipzig 1743
  • Progr, de Cynicis nulla re teneri volentibus. Leipzig 1743
  • Progr. I et II de Joh. De Breitenbach, JCto Lipsiensi. Leipzig 1743, 1744
  • Orationes Joachimi Felleri et, CG Joecheri de Bibliotheca Lipsiensi Paullina. Leipzig 1744
  • Progr de Philosophis sperantibus (Cynicis). Leipzig 1744
  • Progr. Primae lineae historiae controversiarum, a Thoma Morgan o excitataruui. Leipzig 1746
  • Diss. De Domitii Abenobarbi expedition in Germania trans Albim. Leipzig 1749
  • Diss. Adversus ea, quae Joseph Barre, Acad. Parisiensis Cancellarius, Tom. VII Histor. Germ. p. 77 de Friderico Brunsvicensi commentatus eft. Leipzig 1750
  • Progr.Elogium Caroli Christo. a Tettau. Leipzig 1751
  • Progr. De supplementis historiae Gebhardi, Archiepiscopi Coloniensis. Leipzig 1751
  • Progr. De Numae Pompilii libris publica auctoritate Romae combustis. Leipzig 1753
  • Progr. De Ludolfo Magno, Duce Saxoniae. Leipzig 1757


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