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George Foy , actually George Michelsen Foy (born December 14, 1952 ) is an American writer and journalist .


In addition to his names "George Foy" and "George Michelsen Foy", Foy also uses the pseudonym "GF Michelesen". He mainly writes science fiction novels in the style of Bruce Sterling and William Gibson .

It is characteristic of this author that he combines the classic cyberpunk elements such as end-time scenarios, technology or social criticism in a very pointed and interesting way to create something new and give food for thought.


  • 1996 Philip K. Dick Award (nomination) for the novel The Shift .
  • 2000 Locus Poll Award, Best SF Novel (Nomination Below Cutoff) for the novel The Memory of Fire .


As George Foy

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  • Music in Stone. Great sculpture gardens of the world . Muller Publ., London 1985, ISBN 0-584-80002-9 (together with Sidney Lawrence and Nicolas Sapicha).
  • Zero decibels. The quest for absolute silence Scribners, New York 2010, ISBN 978-1-416-59959-3 .

As GF Michelsen


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