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Gerd Harald Herold (* 1945 in Oberlungwitz ) is a German internist and occupational physician . Herold is known for his script- like textbook Internal Medicine - A lecture- oriented presentation (among medical professionals : "The Herold"), which has been reprinted annually since 1981 ( self-published , initially without ISBN ) and has been translated into 15 languages ​​(as of 2018) .

Professional career

Herold received his license to practice medicine in 1974 and his doctorate with the work causes of opacities on chest radiograph with particular emphasis on systemic diseases as a doctor of medicine.

After working as a ward doctor in internal medicine in Cologne and on the bone marrow transplant ward at the University Clinic in Leiden , he worked at the Medical University Clinic Cologne- Lindenthal in 1976.

In 1977 Herold became senior physician at the St. Agatha Hospital in Cologne -Niehl. He acquired in 1979 the area name Internal Medicine . Between 1981 and 2003 Herold worked as the head of the health service at Ford -Werke AG in Cologne. He has been working as a freelance health consultant since 2003. Herold has had the field of occupational medicine since 1983 and the additional title of environmental medicine since 1996 .

Employees of his book project Internal Medicine , based on the Cologne lectures Medical Clinic and Polyclinic , included Heinz Becker, Volker Braun, Ulrich Deuss, Ingolf von Graefe, Jochen Kindler, Gisela Maerker-Alzer, Peter Seng and Gynter Mödder . Volker Diehl and Rudolf Gross also supported him in Cologne . In the fourth edition of Rudolf Gross, Paul Schölmerich and Wolfgang Gerok published "1000 memoranda of internal medicine" he was involved in correcting.


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