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Gynter Mödder, 2012

Gynter Mödder (born September 15, 1942 near Cologne ) is a specialist in nuclear medicine , university lecturer and writer.

Medicine and science

After studying medicine from 1963 to 1968 in Cologne and Kiel and obtaining his license to practice medicine in 1969, Gynter Mödder received his doctorate in Cologne in 1970. He continued his education in the fields of pharmacology , neurosurgery and radiology . After his habilitation in nuclear medicine in 1980, he became a private lecturer and in 1987 a professor. His main area of ​​work at the Radiological Institute of the University Clinic Cologne-Merheim was initially clinical nuclear medicine (with a focus on the thyroid and iron metabolism). Mödder was involved in the design of the thyroid related section in internal medicine by Gerd Herold . In addition to his medical work, he wrote textbooks that were translated into several languages, over 150 scientific papers and works of fiction. He also gave hundreds of lectures in numerous countries. In 2002 he received the Vickram Sarabhai Memorial Award in Calcutta .

Gynter Mödder has had a special practice for nuclear medicine in Cologne since 1991: a thyroid outpatient clinic and a center for radiosynoviorthesis (nuclear medicine therapy for painful joint diseases, for example osteoarthritis and rheumatism). Together with his wife, the internist, painter and poet Renate Mödder-Reese, he founded the "MAUSEUM", the first and most important mouse museum north of the South Pole, as a parody of "normal" museums in their home in Bergheim- Glessen ( Rhein-Erft district ) “, In which readings by the Rhein-Erft group of authors , which he leads, also take place.


Gynter Mödder has made a name for himself internationally with his scientific publications. He was introduced to a wider audience in Germany with popular science books such as Life with Radiation - Risks and Chances of Radioactivity (Bund-Verlag, Cologne 1988), Thyroid Diseases (Springer, Berlin 1998) and the novels Tiefgang, der Mäusephilosoph (with illustrations by Carl Lambertz , Maria Reese and Renate Mödder-Reese - Bund-Verlag, Cologne 1990), Let me live! (Rake-Verlag, Rendsburg 1996) and Gulliver's fifth journey (Verlag Landpresse, Weilerswist 2005) known. The Kölnische Rundschau wrote about this full satire on society and science : "Mödder is burning off a gigantic firework of ideas ... Gulliver's fifth journey is paradoxical and linguistically witty, an enjoyable literary tour to Absurdistan." The numerous images in this update of Jonathan Swift's main work come from Carl Lambertz (1910–1996). The foreword was written by the Swift expert Prof. Dr. Hermann Josef Real.

The text / picture book Engel und Geister (with illustrations by Carl Lambertz, Wachholtz-Verlag, Neumünster 1991) is one of the other fiction works by Mödder, who has also published anthologies and several medical book series . He also published texts for comics and poems ("Gedychte") in anthologies (among others with the Landpresse publishing house). Gynter Mödder is a member of VS, the Association of German Doctor Doctors and the PEN Center Germany .



Books by Gynter Mödder have been featured in the FAZ , Kölnische Rundschau , Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Deutsches Ärzteblatt , among others .

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