Air traffic control union

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Air Traffic Control Union
purpose labor union
Chair: Matthias Maas
Establishment date: 2004
Number of members: around 3,800
Seat : Frankfurt am Main

The Air Traffic Control Union (GdF) was founded in 2004 and is based in Frankfurt am Main . Your organizational area extends to the Federal Republic of Germany and the area of ​​the European Union . In labor law , the professional groups represented are typical functional elites .


The organizational area extends to all operations and companies in which the traffic of aircraft in the air or on the ground is monitored or controlled, or which are related to this activity. The employees represented are predominantly air traffic controllers , flight data processors , apron controllers , air traffic control technicians and teaching staff, but also administrative employees of the respective companies.
The union is divided into the three departments Air Traffic Control Operations Services (FSBD), Air Traffic Control Technical Services (FSTD) and Air Traffic Control General Services (FSAD), in which the members are united at the lowest level in " local department member assemblies". These elect a number of delegates based on their membership for two years. The annual federal departmental conference is made up of the delegates, as well as the federal delegates' conference as the highest body of the union. At the head of the GdF is the federal board elected by the federal delegates' conference, which manages the business of the union in accordance with the statutes and the resolutions of its members.
Internationally, the GdF is represented in numerous professional associations ( EASA , IFATCA ) as a member or advisory body. To inform the members, the specialist magazine " derflugleiter " appears
every two months with a circulation of 3,500 copies.


Initially, the interests of the air traffic control employees were represented by the Association of German Flight Managers (VDF) and the Association of German Air Traffic Control Technicians and Engineers (FTI) through a cooperation agreement with the German Employees' Union (DAG) .
In 2001 and 2002, the employees organized in the VDF and FTI associations saw their specific interests in the collective bargaining negotiations by the DAG (later ver.di ) as no longer adequately represented. After a collective agreement in 2003 that was regarded as inadequate, the GdF was founded, which then sought independence in terms of collective bargaining policy based on the example of the Cockpit Association . The union has now concluded collective agreements in various companies.

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