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Giovanni Francesco (Giovanfrancesco) Lottini (* 1512 Volterra ; † August 1572 in Rome ) was an Italian politician and writer .


Giovanni Francesco Lottini was born in Volterra around 1512. In 1530 he was charged and tried for seriously injuring a Volterra resident. He was the secretary of Cosimo I , but was officially evicted in 1542 for sodomy , but always remained in his service for shady business. In February 1548 Cosimo I sent him to Venice , but he did not prepare the conspiracy against Lorenzino de 'Medici , who strangely fell victim to two volterran assassins that same month.

After he was again driven from Florence, he moved to Rome, where he became secretary to the Cardinal of Santa Fiora . On January 31, 1550, Cardinal Niccolò Ridolfi was poisoned during the conclave , and many accused Lottini of the act.

In 1552 he received the abbey of Colle di Piemonte and the canonical from Pope Marcellus II .

In 1555 he entered the papal court, opposed the election of Pope Paul IV , who was very resentful, and had him locked up in the Castel Sant'Angelo on August 10th .

In 1559 he was secretary in the service of Giovanni Angelo de 'Medici, who became Pope Pius IV and appointed him Bishop of Conversano in 1560 . However, Lottini declined the job and resumed his aimless life.

Before his death in August 1572, he gave his brother a treatise with personal considerations and notes on various subjects; from the militia to the maintenance of physical life, from the way of stopping usury, to the behavior that a prince must display. The manuscript, entitled Avvedimenti Civili , was given to the Grand Duke of Tuscany Francesco I de 'Medici by his brother Girolamo in 1574 .


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