Gladys Egbert

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Gladys Egbert (born McKelvie ; born December 31, 1896 in Rapid City / Manitoba , † March 7, 1968 in Calgary ) was a Canadian pianist and music teacher .

Egbert came to Calgary with her family when she was seven and took piano lessons from Ada Dowling Costigan . In 1909 she was the youngest student and first Canadian to be awarded a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London. From 1911 to 1914 she studied in New York with Ignacy Jan Paderewski , Sigismond Stojowski , Ernest Hutcheson and Richard Epstein . She remained connected to Hurcheson until his death.

In 1914 she returned to Calgary and started a studio where she taught for 50 years. Her students included u. a. Carlina Carr , Constance Channon , Jane Coop , Marilyn Engle , Jean Gilbert , Marek Jablonski , Minuetta Kessler , Leonard Leacock , Diana McIntosh , Alexandra Munn , Linda Lee Thomas and Irene Weiss Peery .

In the 1930s she helped found the Western Board of Music , and in the 1940s she founded the Associated Studios of Music with Mollie Pierce Hamilton and Phyllis Ford . In 1965 she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Alberta , and in 1967 the Centennial Award from the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Association (CFMTA). In 1968 the Rose Bowl was donated in her honor , which is awarded to outstanding musicians at the Calgary Kiwanis Music Festival . In 1976, Dr Gladys McKelvie Egbert Junior High School in Calgary was named after her.