Fiberglass eraser

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Fiberglass eraser with inserts
Removing solder mask on a circuit board

A fiberglass eraser , also known as a glass eraser or a fiberglass pen , is a tool for cleaning and sanding small surfaces made of metal, plastic, or transparent or parchment paper. It is also used to remove solder mask from electrical circuit boards in order to be able to make electrical connections in the form of additional soldered connections at these points .

Glass Fiber Eraser were, for example, before the introduction of automated real estate map in the survey offices for the gentle continuation of changes in the official cadastral plans as well as in the manual creation of technical drawings used.


Fiberglass pens consist of a pen sleeve with a two to four millimeter thick bundle of fiberglass led out to the tip. By rotating or pressing the end of the pen (like a mechanical pen ), the fiber optic bundle is transported to compensate for wear. The fiber bundle is framed in brass or steel at the rear end and can be replaced after use.

The glass fiber particles released by the use of the fiberglass eraser, which are often invisible to the naked eye, can irritate the skin, penetrate it or be inhaled, which is why removal by hand or by blowing is not appropriate.

The fiberglass brushes, similar to fiberglass pencils, are used to clean surfaces.


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