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RU 800-S track construction machine in use on the Cologne-Düsseldorf route
Track construction train on the Hanover – Würzburg high-speed line , north of Würzburg (May 1986)
Track renewal train in action
Heavy auxiliary vehicle No. 97 17 55 102 18-5 ( GAF 200 R ) in the Frankfurt am Main Stadion station

The machines used in the construction and maintenance of the track bed of the railway are called track construction machines .


In the past, sleepers and individual tracks or finished track sections were laid on a prepared ballast bed, the rail joints of the tracks were welded ( thermite welding ), straightened and finally tamped. In addition to smaller track laying machines, hammers and pickaxes were also used.

Today, both for cost reasons and to keep track closures as short as possible, track-laying machines that operate continuously are used as far as possible. The individual vehicles are highly specialized and are put together to form complete track construction trains. These can reach a total length of 700 meters and renew up to 500 meters of track in one hour.


Rail processing

Track construction and maintenance


Manufacturers of track construction machines in German-speaking countries are Plasser & Theurer , Robel Bahnbaumaschinen and GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg / H.


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