Work car

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Work cars are special railway or tram vehicles that are not used for passenger or freight transport , but are kept for maintenance and repairs. Areas of application are typically the maintenance of the railway systems , not least the overhead lines .


Railway work wagons are used as railway service vehicles and are mostly wagons for the transport of work material, for the maintenance of the railway systems or have been converted or rebuilt for other internal uses. As a rule, they run as a special work train (abbreviation: Arbz ), often only at low speed , and only in exceptional cases when special precautionary measures are observed in freight trains .

Often used as work cars are those cars that are no longer usable or approved for regular traffic because of their age and design . Some of them are converted for specific work. Special work vehicles are built for a specific purpose (transport of ballast or construction machinery ).

Last but not least, railcars that have left regular service are often still referred to as route travel cars, used to inspect the railway systems or as transport vehicles for construction workers, as is shown in a museum on the Hamburg port railway .

Tram and trolleybus

While in German railways work cars are part of the auxiliary vehicles , work cars in trams and trolleybuses (trolleybuses) are part of the standard vehicles and must be operated in accordance with the regulation on the construction and operation of trams (BOStrab).

As with the railway, converted vehicles are often used here, which can no longer be used in regular traffic due to their age or due to their design. However, there are not only vehicles that are converted for general work purposes, but also those that are built for special tasks, such as grinding trolleys .

However, many tram work cars (in contrast to those of the railways) have their own drive, one also speaks here of work cars . Non-powered work cars are also known as work trucks or work sidecars .

Typical tram and trolleybus trolleys are salt cart , grinding carriage , Sprengwagen , autotowers , de-icing and driving school car .