Bell foundry Hamm-Hofweber

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Former residential and commercial building of the Hamm-Hofweber bell foundry in Prüfinger Straße 78

The bell foundry Hamm-Hofweber was founded in 1907 in Regensburg near the Großprüfening district . The company initially operated under the name of Glockengießerei Hamm and later the bell foundry Hofweber, and by 1967 it had cast several hundred bells.


Karl Hamm, who came from the family of the Hamm bell foundry in Frankenthal in the Palatinate, founded a bell foundry in 1907 in his newly built property at78. He made a few hundred bells. Many were of such good quality that they in the First World War not to weapons production confiscated were. Around 1950 he handed the company over to his employee Georg Hofweber for reasons of age. This still poured numerous bells. As the war gaps were gradually being filled in, the order situation sank considerably. Hofweber therefore increasingly specialized in the construction of steel bell chairs. The noise emissions caused by steel saws often caused complaints from the surrounding neighborhood and from the nearby hospital of the Merciful Brothers . The last currently known bell casting took place in 1967 for St. Michael in Oberhinkofen. A significant turning point in the company's history came in 1968: it was decided to build the western bypass through the city of Regensburg . The affected land had to be sold to the state for this. The north-western boundary of the bell foundry was redefined and led almost through the middle of the foundry. The foundry was therefore torn down, the remaining house was sold to a neighbor and operations were shut down. For structural reasons, the remaining foundations of the former foundry were left in the ground. The south-east corner can still be clearly seen in the ground today.

Bells by Karl Hamm (selection)

Bells by Georg Hofweber (selection)


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