Gnaeus Cornelius Blasio (Consul)

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Gnaeus Cornelius Blasio was a Roman senator and politician. He belonged to the important Cornelier family .

In 270 BC Blasio held the Roman consulate at the side of Gaius Genucius Clepsina , who was consul for the second time . As consul he triumphed over the city of Rhegion according to the acts of triumph and was honored with a triumph for it . The ancient writers Orosius and Dionysios of Halicarnassus , on the other hand, attribute the victory in Rhegion to his colleague Clepsina. 265 BC He became at the side of Gaius Marcius Rutilus Censorinus Censor . 257 BC Together with Gaius Atilius Regulus he became consul a second time.

Individual evidence

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