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Maria Margaretha Bickelhaupt (born March 9, 1865 in Erbach im Odenwald , † September 18, 1919 there ) was a German educator , local poet and writer . A street in Erbach is named after her.


On March 9, 1865, Greta Bickelhaupt was born as the eldest daughter of the Graflich-Erbachischen official Johann Philipp Bickelhaupt. The mother was Johanna Maria Bickelhaupt, nee Glenz. Greta Bickelhaupt got the unusual opportunity for her time to attend the secondary school in Darmstadt and to be trained as a teacher . She initially worked as a private tutor in Celle and Syrau in Saxony, before returning to Erbach in 1890. Here she initially taught the daughters of the recently deceased Count Ernst zu Erbach-Erbach , with whom she later became friends. From its founding in 1895 to 1918, Greta Bickelhaupt taught at the Erbach private girls' school and also directed it.

In addition to her teaching and management activities, she devoted herself to literature and culture and became known far beyond the Odenwald with her homeland poems and plays . Bickelhaupt's poetry collections Rege un Sunneschoi (1906), Aus em Ourewald (1908), Ourewäller Leit (1909) and Ernscht un Scherz (1913) caught the attention of the readership.

After suffering for several years, she died unmarried on September 19, 1919 in Erbach as a highly respected teacher and local poet, as can be read from her obituary in the Centralanzeiger for the Odenwald .


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