Griffon Belge

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Griffon Belge
Griffon Belge
Black and tan
FCI Standard No. 81
Origin :


Alternative names:

Belgian Griffon

Withers height:

not fixed


3.5-6 kg

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The Griffon Belge (German: Belgian Griffon ) is a dog breed from Belgium recognized by the FCI ( Group 9, Section 3, Standard No. 81 ). The breed belongs to the Belgian dwarf griffon .



The Griffon Belge is a small, wire-haired dog with an undercoat . Its fur is harsh, slightly wavy but not curly, and is trimmed . Hair that is too long is not desirable; silky or woolly hair is considered a serious fault in the breed standard . The hair on the head is longer and forms a chin and mustache that extends from one ear to the other below the eye-nose line. The hair above the eyes forms long eyebrows. The ears are small and set on high, are carried half upright and tip slightly forward. They used to be cropped to make erect ears .

The colors of the Griffon Belge are black or black and tan, whereby the tan-colored markings must be pure and of a uniformly rich color. The black can be mixed with red-brown color; pure black or pure black and tan are preferable to this.

The Griffon Belge is one of the brachycephalic races and is affected by health problems associated with it - to a varying degree.


The Griffon Belge is described in the standard as attentive, balanced, very vigilant, neither fearful nor aggressive, proud and very affectionate towards its owner.

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