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Groo (engl. Groo the Wanderer ) is a Fantasy - Funny - comic series , conceived and drawn by Sergio Aragones , texted by Mark Evanier and colored by Tom Luth.

The series

Groo is a muscled swordsman in a fantasy world full of danger. He himself is extremely clumsy and careless, which sometimes gives him a bad reputation. In his world he has to deal with magicians and witches, pirates, monsters, warriors and wondrous beings.


Groo is an idea of ​​the draftsman Sergio Aragonés . The character made its first appearance in a four-page story in the Destroyer Duck # 1 magazine published by Eclipse Comics in February 1982. In the same year, Pacific Comics started its own series. Due to financial difficulties, only eight issues could be published. The series was then released as a series by the Marvel Imprint Epic. 120 issues had appeared up to 1994. The next 12 issues were published by Image Comics , since 1998 the home publisher of the Dark Horse Comics series . Mainly mini-series are published here.

In Germany, some stories were published as booklets and albums by ConPart and Dino Verlag .

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