ConPart publishing house

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ConPart Verlag GmbH
legal form GmbH & Co. KG
founding 1st January 1973
Seat Hamburg
management Managing directors Helga Biehler, Udo H. Wetterau
sales 10–24 million euros
Branch Magazines

The Conpart Verlag GmbH (actually Condor InterPart ) is the complementary -GmbH the Conpart Verlag GmbH & Co. KG magazines. It is registered in the commercial register HRB 1441 in Meldorf .


The ConPart Verlag GmbH & Co. Zeitschriften KG is a German magazine publisher that, as a comic publisher, released many well-known comics under license in the German language in the 1980s and 1990s . The registered office of the publisher is in Marne , registered in the commercial register HRA 1775 in Meldorf . Starting in 2006, Conpart Verlag has been selling the following magazines every month: It's fun! , Beautiful Month , Beautiful Leisure , Leisure magazine . In cooperation with Brand Affairs and the Deutscher Turner-Bund , Turn magazine was published quarterly from 2009 . Until June 30, 2010, Bravo Photo Love Story , Bravo Photo Love Story Extra and Bravo Rätsel Fun were published by Conpart Verlag. The publisher continued to publish until April 2012: My Secret , Destiny Experience , Cooking Magazines, Rätsel and Clever & Smart .

Formats, translation and equipment

The Condor publishing house brought out many US comics in paperback form. As a result of the format reduction, translators like Michael Nagula often had to shorten the text considerably. A book often contained around five original booklets, each with 22 pages, at a price of DM 5.80  . A second format were the so-called "Maxi Pockets", which were used to recycle the original paperbacks. Two paperbacks were bound with a new cover to form a 320-page booklet. Sometimes paperbacks from different series were combined under a common title, so a Hulk Maxi-Pocket contained a Hulk pocket book and a Thor pocket book.

In addition, booklets and albums were published. The comic books and albums were mostly published without advertisements, with the exception of advertisements for the publisher's products.

Series distributed under license

Individual evidence

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