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The Dino Entertainment AG (also: Dino Verlag ) was a Stuttgart comic book publisher , in 1993 by Christian Neuber, Heiko Volz was founded and Ingrid Krippels. At the beginning of 2003 it was taken over by Panini Verlag .


The first publications were limited to magazines for television series , with Beavis and Butt-Head , the first comic books of the publisher were published from 1994. In 1995, the first German edition of Batman Adventures started the publication of American superhero comics by DC Comics . The main focus was on the most famous DC heroes Batman and Superman . The number of series, some regularly and some irregularly, rose rapidly. The series Batman Adventures was followed by the series Superman , Batman , Superman Special , Batman Special , DC versus Marvel , Batman and Superman Adventures , Lobo , JLA and many more (partly in paperback ) comic series. In addition to the DC Comics, the publisher brought out books on television series such as the X-Files and cartoons, including The Simpsons , Futurama and Pinky and the Brain , and also included Mad magazine, which had been discontinued years earlier by another publisher .

Due to the docking with media topics (e.g. Batman cartoon series and The Simpsons ), there was initially a large influx of readers. Encouraged by the success, there was an expansion of the program, especially in the superhero area, and finally - also due to the competing products of other publishers - the market overheated and sales figures collapsed. In 2000, Dino gave up all the superhero licenses that the publisher held at that time, and in the comics sector concentrated on the publication of comics on funny topics ( Mad , The Simpsons ) or pure action comics ( Danger Girl ).

In 2003 Dino AG was taken over by the Panini Group. There the “Dino” brand was still used until the beginning of 2006 to publish funny comics such as The Simpsons Comics or Mad , anime comics such as Digimon or the Star Wars comics. In addition, Dino also published comics for various television series such as CSI: On the trail of the perpetrators .

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