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Group commander is the name for the commander of a group within a flier or squadron aircraft missiles in the marine or air force of the Armed Forces . The group commander is not a rank, but a post that can be achieved with different officer ranks. He is equivalent to a battalion commander . He was also part of the Wehrmacht Air Force . The group commander should not be confused with the group leader in the army , who normally leads up to twelve soldiers as a non-commissioned officer.

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The group commander is a position within an air or anti-aircraft missile squadron. A flying squadron has two group commanders under the squadron commodore, each for the flying group (FlgGrp) and the technical group (TGrp).


Group commander was the name given to the commander of a group of pilots in the Air Force. The group commander usually had the rank of major or lieutenant colonel , although there were also deviations. A flying group represented a sub-unit of a flying squadron . A group usually consisted of three or four squadrons , each of which was commanded by a squadron commander.

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