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Guido Brescius

Guido Brescius (born March 25, 1824 in Budissin (today Bautzen ), † December 4, 1864 in Pirna ) was a German railway engineer .


Guido Brescius was a son of the royal Saxon chief customs councilor Karl Gustav Brescius.

He studied from 1839 to 1844 at the Technische Bildungsanstalt Dresden (today: TU Dresden ). Professor Andreas Schubert was one of his teachers .

Brescius gained his first practical experience as a railway engineer in 1844 as a volunteer in the construction of the Saxon-Silesian Railway from Dresden to Görlitz. During the construction of the Saxon-Bohemian Railway (Dresden– Bodenbach , 1847), Brescius was already responsible as a department engineer for the section in the Königstein area .

On December 27, 1859, he married Cora Gabriele, daughter of the district judge Pfennigwerth, who died in 1853.


In 1853, Guido Brescius signed the contract as a mechanical engineer and civil engineer at Albertsbahn AG . He was therefore responsible for the planning and construction management of the Dresden – Tharandt railway as well as the Niederhermsdorfer coal branch line and the Hänichen coal branch line .

With the construction of the Hänichen coal branch line, Brescius ventured a line with an artificial length development to overcome the height difference between Plauenscher Grund and Gitterseer plateau, with inclines of 1:40 for a runway used in pure friction mode ( adhesion runway ) and with a curve radius of 85 m on a main runway with standard gauge . The first mountain railway in Germany and the second mountain railway in Europe after the Semmering Railway in Austria were built in 1856 . For this reason, the Saxon King Johann rightfully gave the coal railway the nickname Sächsische Semmeringbahn . The Hänichen coal branch line is still partially available today as a technical monument for the Windbergbahn .

In 2019 part of the cycle path on the former coal railway around Kleinnaundorf was named "Guido-Brescius-Weg".

End of life

Quarrels with the supervisory board of Albertsbahn AG and study trips to England had a negative effect on Guido Brescius' health. He died on December 4, 1864 at the age of 40 in the sanatorium on the Sonnenstein in Pirna and was buried on December 7, 1864 in the New Annenkirchhof in Dresden .

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