Guillaume Fillastre

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Cardinal Guillaume Fillastre

Guillaume Fillastre (* 1348 in La Suze-sur-Sarthe , France , † November 6, 1428 in Rome ) was a French cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church .

After graduating as a doctor of law, he first taught law in Reims . There he was appointed dean of the cathedral chapter in 1392 . During the Western Schism , he tried at the Council of Pisa in 1409 to balance the various factions. John XXIII awarded him the cardinal dignity on July 6, 1411; since this pope is considered an antipope , a cardinal appointed by him is referred to as a pseudocardinal . In 1413 he became Archbishop of Aix .

He played an important role at the Council of Constance . In 1415 he tried to persuade the various church princes to abdicate. The following legal Pope Martin V appointed him papal legate for France in 1418 , where he was very committed to the unity of the church. In 1421 he renounced his episcopal office in Aix and in 1422 became bishop of Saint-Pons-de-Thomières . He died at the age of 80 with the dignity of Cardinal Priest of San Marco in Rome.

Fillastre made notes during the Council of Constance, which give valuable information about what happened during these years of the divided church. An important document co-authored by him is entitled Haec sancta . In addition, he rendered valuable services for the history of geography and cartography. His editing of European maps makes him an important figure in this field too.

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