Gyergom Chenpo Shönnu Dragpa

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Gyergom Chenpo Shönnu Dragpa ( T. gyer sgom chen po gzhon nu grags pa ; * 1090 ; † 1171 ) or Gyergom Chenpo ( gyer sgom chen po ) for short was an important clergyman of the Kadam tradition of Tibetan Buddhism . He was a pupil of Neusurpa . He is the founder of the monastery Rinchengang ( Rin chen sgang dgon pa ) in Gyama Rinchengang ( Rgya ma Rin chen sgang ).

Contrary to popular belief, he was not the founder of the Shugseb monastery or the Shugseb Kagyu tradition ( shug gseb bka 'brgyud ), but Gyergom Tshälthrim Sengge (1144–1204).

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Gyergom Chenpo Shönnu Dragpa (alternative names of the lemma)
Gyergom Chenpo Shönnu Dragpa, gyer sgom chen po gzhon nu grags pa ; 杰贡钦波 • 迅 努札巴; 结 贡钦布 • 循 努扎巴; Jiegong Qinbo 杰贡钦波; Gyergom Chenpo; gyer sgom chen po , Gyergom Chenpo Zhonnu Drakpa, 结 贡钦波