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Band logo on a 1985 tour
Band logo on a 1985 tour
General information
origin Draveil , France
Genre (s) Heavy metal , speed metal
founding 1981
resolution 1986 or later
Last occupation
Philippe Garcia
Gerard Michel
Armando Ferreira
Electric guitar
Paul Ferreira
David Potter aka Patrick Diamond
former members
Electric guitar
Christian Martin
Didier Izard (died on June 30, 2018)

H-Bomb was a French speed and heavy metal band from Draveil , which was founded in 1981 and disbanded around 1986.


The band was founded in November 1981 by bassist Phillipe Garcia and guitarist Armando Ferreira. After the band had signed a record deal with the Dutch label Rave-On Records , the EP Coup de Metal was released in 1983 . After performing with Def Leppard , Accept , Acid , Trust and Anvil in France, guitarist Christian Martin left the group.

1984 Heavy Sound Festival advertisement

Contacted by Armando Ferreira, his brother Paul took this post, whereupon the debut album Attaque appeared in 1984 . In the same year the band could be seen at the Heavy Sound Festival, among others. After the album was released, David Potter aka Patrick Diamond was added as a new singer. The band hoped to achieve greater commercial success with the accompanying switch from French to English lyrics, but this did not materialize. In 1986 the single Stop the Lights was released , which was a cover version of the Montrose song Space Station No. 5 contains as B-side . In the same year the EP To Feel Is Pain was also released. Then the band broke up. In 2009, the compilation Ax Killer Warrior's Set: Attaque / H Bomb was released via Ax Killer Records .


Martin Popoff wrote in his book The Collector's Guide of Heavy Metal Volume 2: The Eighties about Coup de Metal that faster and more boisterous Metal in the style of Accept can be heard on it. Attaque is quieter and more commercial, but is still quite "heavy" and wild. However, the songs now sound more stiff and uncertain.

D. Bomb Hartmann from Metal Hammer found that Coup de Metal contained a “cool heavy metal sound”. He was particularly impressed by the singing, although he found it a pity that the lyrics were in French, as many people could not understand the content. The EP is very fast and hard, whereby the high speed is particularly evident in the fast-playing drums. A few issues later, Hartmann reviewed Attaque and noted that nothing had changed in terms of speed, but it also contained slower pieces. All in all, the songs would be characterized by their joy in playing and a wealth of energy, with the song Substance mort showing strong parallels to Kiss in the riffs . The texts are still in French.

In his review of Coup de Metal, Holger Stratmann from Rock Hard compared the band with the recently released album by Sortilège , although H-Bomb is a little harder. Four editions later, Frank Trojan reviewed Attaque and concluded that the album could not maintain the high level of the previous EP. He felt particularly disturbed by the French singing, so that the songs were only mediocre despite the good production. The songs are mostly hard and fast.


  • 1983: Coup de Metal (EP, Rave-On Records )
  • 1984: Attaque (album, Rave-On Records)
  • 1986: Stop the Lights (single, Ax Killer Records )
  • 1986: To Feel Is Pain (EP, Ax Killer Records)
  • 2009: Ax Killer Warrior's Set: Attaque / H Bomb (compilation, Ax Killer Records)

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