Hai Rui

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Portrait of Hai Rui

Hai Rui ( Chinese  海瑞 , Pinyin Hǎi Ruì ; * 1514 ; † 1587 ) was a Chinese civil servant who criticized the Emperor Jiajing for neglecting official business and was therefore tortured and imprisoned. After Jiajing's death, Hai Rui was released and even received the post of censor .

Therefore Hai Rui is an example of integrity Mandarin . His grave is located in the southwest of Haikou city and can be visited.

Wu Hans play

1961 wrote the deputy mayor of Beijing , Wu Han , a play entitled Hai Rui is removed from office . The Cultural Revolution began in November 1965 with an essay in which the literary critic Yao Wenyuan declared the play deviant .

The leadership of Peking University responded to Mao Zedong 's criticism of this work by holding a Wu Han congress in February 1966.

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