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Handley Page HP 115
Handley page 115.jpg
Handley Page HP 115
Type: Experimental airplane
Design country:

United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom


Handley Page

First flight:

17th August 1961

Number of pieces:


The Handley Page HP 115 was a British experimental aircraft used to investigate possible wing configurations for the Concorde supersonic airliner .


The HP 115 was built for the UK Department of Aviation. It served as a research aircraft for the British-French supersonic airliner Concorde . While the high-speed tests were carried out with the BAC 221 , the HP 115 was not designed for supersonic speed, but rather for testing the stability and controllability of aircraft with extreme sweep. In particular, the slow flight characteristics of a slim delta wing should be examined. The tests continued until 1974.


The hull and wings of the HP 115 are made of metal, the rudders are covered with fabric. The aircraft has a non-retractable nose wheel landing gear. The wings are delta-shaped. The engine is located on the rear of the fuselage below the vertical stabilizer. A camera was installed in the rudder unit with which recordings of the woolen threads attached to the wings to determine the flow conditions were made during the test flights. The HP 115 has a braking parachute underneath the vertical stabilizer.

Technical specifications

Drawing of the Handley Page HP.115
Parameter Data
crew 1
length 13.72 m
span 6.10 m
Wing area 39.95 m²
Max. Takeoff mass 2268 kg
Top speed 399 km / h
Engine 1 tsp Bristol Siddeley Viper 9 with 862 kp


HP 115 in flight

After its decommissioning, the HP 115 was exhibited in the RAF Museum Colerne . When this was closed, the machine came to the branch of the Royal Air Force Museum in Cosford. For the opening of the Concorde exhibition in the Fleet Air Arm Museum , the HP 115 was transferred to where it is on display alongside a Concorde prototype and the BAC 221.

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