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classic handstand

The handstand is a basic position in various sports .

Motion description

The hands are placed parallel to the respective surface about shoulder width. The arms are straight and are in a direct line below the body, the whole body weight rests on the hands. The straight legs and feet extend the body axis upwards. In addition to this completely stretched shape, it is possible to bend or bend the legs. The posture should largely correspond to that of the normal upright position. In particular, insufficient elasticity of the shoulder area and insufficient body tension (weak trunk muscles) often lead to the formation of a hollow back when taking the position, the so-called banana handstand .

Execution in different sports

When Gymnastics and gymnastics hand stand is carried out on the ground or exercise apparatus, in acrobatics and circus hand stand is often (especially hand-in-hand) performed stand hand stand on different positions of the sub-person or on a special.

In vaulting , the handstand is done on a moving horse and thus places special demands on the athlete's balance. It can be performed here as a single, double or triple exercise. The execution is free or held and can be done either directly on the horse (neck, back or croup ), on the handles of the vaulting harness or on a seated, lying, kneeling or standing person.

In yoga , there is next to the handstand ( Adho-Mukha-Vrikshasana ) a variety of positions ( asanas ) in which the body weight is also kept exclusively via the hands, torso and legs are, however, in various positions. These positions, e.g. B. the crow ( Kakasana ) are summarized under the term arm balances .

The handstands used in breakdance and capoeira are often very dynamic or one-armed versions of the basic gymnastics figure. In an important category of jump types in water diving, the high diver starts with a handstand on the diving board .

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