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Hans-Christoph Schröder (born July 17, 1933 in Rathenow near Berlin ; † February 8, 2019 in Darmstadt ) was a German historian .


Schröder received his doctorate in 1966 under Theodor Schieder with a thesis on the SPD's confrontation with the problem of imperialism before the First World War . In 1973 he was appointed Professor of Modern History at the Technical University of Darmstadt as the successor to Helmut Boehmes , President of the TH Darmstadt . In 1995 Böhme returned to the professorship for Modern History, which was held twice until Schröder's retirement in 1998. Schröder did research on the history of England and the USA, political radicalism , Western European revolutions , imperialism and the German labor movement . He was an expert on British constitutional history and presented authoritative publications on Puritanism, the English and American revolutions of the early modern period, as well as an "English History" that was reprinted several times. His keen interest in literature was reflected, among other things, in a political biography of George Orwell.


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