Hans Friedrich (politician, 1917)

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Hans Friedrich (born February 2, 1917 in Carlsruhe , Province of Silesia , † June 25, 1998 in Walzbachtal ) was a German politician ( FDP , later BHE ).

Life and work

After studying medicine, Friedrich initially worked as a military doctor for two years and then from 1942 onwards he worked in the medical service of the Deutsche Reichsbahn .


Friedrich joined the FDP in 1946 and became its district chairman in the Frankenberg district . In 1948/49 he was the second chairman of the state refugee organization in Hesse. In the federal election in 1949 he was elected to the first German Bundestag on the Hessian state list of the FDP . On October 5, 1950, he left the party and parliamentary group. On November 16, he founded the Bundestag group BHE / DG with other expellees politicians . After this through the death of the MP Stephan Weickerthad fallen below the minimum number of members, he rejoined his original parliamentary group on April 2, 1952 as a guest. After the end of the first legislative period, he no longer appeared politically and was no longer a member of the Bundestag.

Friedrich is not to be confused with the FDP politician Hans Friderichs .

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